Monday, July 25, 2011

My Craftroom!

This is my work area. 2 Elfa carts with a Countertop between them. The rods and baskets on the wall are from Ikea. The small elfa drawers have small bins in them to hold all the small stuff, like glitter, embossing powder...etc.  The larger bins just seem to catch whatever I toss that way! I really want to get more of the smaller drawers.

This cart is also Ikea (called Alexander rolling cart) its perfect for all things for the Cricut. I can pull the expression to the front and still have room for the mat to come out the back.
The rack up on top is for CDs or DVDs, I keep all my stamps in clear DVD cases so it is perfect for them. I wish I would have bought at least 2 more of them. The peg board is plastic- I have a lot of stuff to hang back up there.

This bookcase is from Ikea. Each shelf is about 13 in wide, 13in high, and 15in deep. So it holds slab paper and albums nicely. I have 2 bins on there but they just seem to collect stuff. I made a pizza box drawer bin to hold all the loose wood stamps.

The taller cart is one of the wire cube things that hold scrapbook paper- I dont really like it- you either have to keep the cover on it or it collects too much dust on the paper! I just keep all the oddball papers on it. The rolling cart with 6 bins is an Iris Cart from Joanns. I just love it!! I can pull the bin out and take to my worktable as needed. Its for all my Stampin Up Papers and stuff.
I had a few extra Ikea racks so I thought this was a good place for them. Since I mostly scrapbook I get sad just stuffing the finished pages into the scrapbooks - so I got some clips and hang them here for a while!! Its good if your scrapbooking an event and you can get the order right before putting them in the scrapbook.

This is where I take my Nap!! Just kidding!! Its for Guests!!! Its an Ikea Futon!

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  1. Oh Lori, it is so clean and neat. Lucky girl, all that Ikea stuff!!