Monday, May 9, 2011

Pond Scrapbook Pages

I call this one "The Frog Princess".
I heard the Frogs out by the Pond singing, so I told the boys to get the flashlights and find them.  This one froze as the flashlight hit it and stayed there the entire time we were out there!! I told the boys it must be a girl, since it liked them so much! That they should give her a kiss in case she was a Princess!!  But no Kisses for that sweet Frog!! Pond is full of Tadpoles, so she must have found her Prince Charming!!

All of these are a Hybred of Paper Kits, Digital Kits, and Photo's. I then Scanned them, before putting in the album.  Mostly Club Scrap "Lotus Pond" Paper and Digital.  These are 8x8 pages.

These Two are of my Pond!
The one below I did not have much room for anything else, so added a Bow to the Ribbon for accent.

All these will go in the "Lotus Pond" Album that came with the senior kit. Good thing I ordered that extra paper!!  Now I need to get around to doing some of the earlier photos of the pond!!

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